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Temple Jewelry belongs to the tradition of India. Olden days, Temple Jewelry was
days, it is not uncommon to see south Indian brides wearing Temple Jewellery for
their weddings. So today, one can say the Temple Jewellery is traditional South
Indian jewellery.

The origin of Temple Jewellery dates back to 12th century. This was the period of
famous Dravidian Tamil Dynasty known as “Chozha kulam” who ruled southern part
of India. All the Chozha kings gave very importance to cultural development and most
of the of the temple jewelry today are similar to the designs in the heavily
ornamented pillars with accurate details and rich sculpted walls of many south
Indian Temples, especially ones in Thanjavur.

Today temple jewelry is prepared in a variety of metals. Originally it was made of gold
with ruby, emerald & pearls and was used by the devadasi girls who danced in
Temple and Darbars. Today Temple jewellery is mostly associated with
Bharatanatyam dance. There are different types of Temple Jewellery manufactured
today. Three of them are widely sold all over the world. Real Temple Jewellery,
Imitation temple Jewellery and stone type temple jewelry. Most of the real temple
jewelry is made in Nagercoil, a southern city in Tamilnadu. These designs are quite
unique which makes them more popular and adorable. These are made with silver
and have a heavy coating of 22Ct gold over it. These are expensive and may not be
suitable for young children. Less expensive imitation temple jewellery is also
available on the market for those ones who are not yet sure about pursuing a career
in dance.

The most common imitation temple jewelry has 11 different ornaments. These are
Long chain, Short necklace, Sun/Moon, Nethichutti, Mattal, Jimikki, Belt, Vanki,
Rakkodi, Nath/Bullakku and bangles. Dancers also wear chilangai/salangai in the
ankles during dance performance.
Temple Jewelry
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