Stitching a dance costume is a Herculian task even if you live in India. The trouble starts with selecting the material and
color. Once you have these finalized is the most troubling part - measurements !

We also have dance practice dress for all Indian Classical dance forms. Most of the dance costumes and stitched as
per your measurement, but we carry readymade dance costumes for last minute shoppers. The price of the dance
costume vary depending on the material. All the ready made dresses are either art silk or Apoorva sil material.
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At we offer Indian dance Jewelry, Indian traditional Jewelry, Indian dance costumes, Hindu pooja items, and other dance
and Music accessories. We also have readymade classical dance costumes, Belly dance jewelry,  Bollywood dance Dresses like Chanya Choli, Gagra choli
and Lehenga Choli. Our online store serves the customers in India and South East Asia.

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